Modern Architecture or modernist architecture is a term applied to an entire movement in design born around the turn of the 20th century. With its origin rooted in the German Bauhaus School, the delicate dance between the rigor of form following pure rational function, leaning towards mass production and the individual artistic spirit’s resonance, becomes a convivial interplay masquerading as a reconciled coexistence. More directly, the simplified combination of pure forms can embody an inherent beauty as the human condition is engaged by the essential core essence of the design. Additionally, known as the “International Design”, the excessive cultural detailing is stripped away allowing for universal truths to shine. Contrary to popular belief, Modern Architecture can achieve a warm inviting tone with the use of appropriate lighting and materials. “Modern” as a design style is still the only movement to put forward a true manifesto of stated doctrine and philosophy with a social element. The build project below has a KAI project origin and very proud to achieve the highest Architectural Design HONOR AWARD in the state that year.¬†


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